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The production of parts for the interior of railway vehicles and cabins was organized in 2003. Initially, products were produced by thermovacuum forming from a sheet. Prior to that, for 2 years, together with a German manufacturer, we worked out a recipe that could meet the stringent requirements of fire safety standards in transport.  Since 2003, about 400 car interior kits and many other products have been produced that reliably serve passengers and drivers. 

In 2005, we mastered the production of fiberglass products. 

And already in 2007, having developed our own project, we mastered the mass production of modular cabins for mainline locomotives. Production capacity in some months reached 30 cabins. 

Since 2011, we have been developing and manufacturing interior components for passenger cars, trams; control cabins and consoles for mainline locomotives; toilet systems and toilet cabins for passenger cars.

Since 2016, we have started mass production of fiberglass automotive components for large consumers from Germany. 

Since 2020, we have been mass-producing tourist wheeled trailers on the instructions of customers. We have the right to assign a VIN number for trailers and a number for floating vehicles.  

Our plant has a stable good reputation not only among our customers. We adhere to high standards of hygienic safety at work and working conditions. We are proud of our reputation as an employer in our region. Over the years, we have only increased it. People willingly come to us for production. So when output needs to be ramped up, it takes a reasonable amount of time to recruit and train staff. 

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Brief description of production

1. The total area of the land plot - 12 hectares

2. Total production area - 6000 sq.m.

3. Two independent connection lines and two transformers.

4. All networks were replaced in 2008 and duplicated. 

5. Own treatment and filtration fields.

6. Heating - we use only locally produced sunflower pellets. Automatic feeding to boilers. The total power of the boilers is 1400 kW in terms of heat. 

7. The overall performance of supply and exhaust ventilation in the shops - 69000.0 m3/hour

8. Own model production on wood. A 3-axis machine and a set of woodworking equipment are available: panel saw, vertical milling machine, etc.

9. All compressors are screw. The total productivity of compressed air - 8 cubic meters

10. Painting booth - 4x7 meters.



We want to design, manufacture and market products for transportation that provide comfort and safety for people around the world.


Fiberglass products 

We have many years of experience in the production of products that meet stringent requirements for various types of transport



Well acquainted with responsible  suppliers all over the world to realize even a very ambitious project


Assembly work

We carry out mechanical assembly, gluing, perform electrical work and finish painting, if necessary

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